Back to the Future 2 (1989) Director: Robert Zemeckis (Scene: 00:18:16 - 00:21:10)

The cultural impact of Back to the Future Part II (1989) has far exceeded the cinematic influence that the film has had. Back to the Future Part II is one of the rare occasions where certain scenes from the film have had more significance than the film itself. The two most notable scenes from the film include the self-lacing Nike Air Mag sneakers and the Mattel Hoverboard. The film’s hero, Marty McFly, is introduced to both while visiting his hometown of Hill Valley in the year 2015.

Back to the future Part II (1989)

Robert Zemeckis depicts Marty McFly’s hometown in 2015 as a peaceful neighborhood; far less dystopian than films like Blade Runner (1982) and I Am Legend (2007). Back to the Future Part II constructs a light-hearted depiction of the early 21st century. In terms of architecture, Robert Zemeckis has designed a familiar town square with very little futuristic elements, other than large digital projections and holographic advertising. 

Robert Zemeckis creates a unique sequence, much like the skateboard scene from the original Back to the Future, where Marty McFly must escape from a gang of misfits. Back to the Future Part II elevates this premise by showing Marty McFly’s difficulty in learning how to ride the Hoverboard and the board’s limited capacity over water. In both cases, he showcases Marty McFly’s ingenuity in not only being able to escape but also in being able to architecturally analyze the town square and find his way out.

Back to the future Part II (1989)

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