Interiors first collaborated with artist, MBROIDERED, in December 2013 for our diagrams of The Yeezus Tour but we have been huge fans of his for a long time. You can visit MBROIDERED's Website and his Instagram to see more of his amazing work. 

In an exclusive interview with Interiors, we talked to MBROIDERED about his art and his inspirations.


INT: When did you first realize you wanted to do art?

MBROIDERED: Seems quite cheesy to say this but I have always been interested in art and design. I remember when I was 6, in primary school, my teachers always kept saying to my parents that instead of paying attention, I was always sketching. At the time I was already super into Nike and my Italian football team, Inter FC. I was crafting little booklets with illustrations of the jerseys and football boots. That is the oldest memory that I have of me designing, so I guess that was the moment when everything started.

INT: What is your favorite art piece/project that you've done?

MBROIDERED: It's really hard to say, but probably the sneakerillustration is my favourite project. I love sneakers and I love illustrations.

INT: What is your favorite Film(s) and why?

MBROIDERED: Pretty easy, Space Jam. I loved watching it before every basketball match when I was a kid. I was getting goosebumps all the time when the soundtrack started.

INT: How would you describe your art to someone? What does it mean to you?

MBROIDERED: I like to define my style as contemporary pop art. Taking inspiration from Roy Lichtenstein, one of the fathers of the original movement, with bold black lines and halftone patterns. I do this for fun, during my free time between a logo design and branding project.

INT: What's your go-to inspiration -- someone/something that you're continuously inspired by?

MBROIDERED: I am inspired by everything I see - and hear. From natural patterns, landscapes, industrial design, music... A lot of things. I start my day very early, around 6am , wearing my running gear and my headphones. I walk around the Sydney Harbour playing good music and taking photos. Then once I'm home, I'll check my mail and start my working day.